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Excel Tutor and Coach

Welcome to my dedicated tutor service for advanced Excel training, tutoring, coaching, and mentoring specially crafted for ambitious professionals, senior staff, and directors across the UK. I’m Dr Peter Clayton, and with over 20 years of experience in Excel consulting and international management, having worked with more than 750 clients on over 2,000 projects in various industries,

I am keen to share my knowledge and expertise. If your goal is to harness Excel for better strategic decision-making, improve business operations, or advance your career, you’ve come to the right place for your own personal Excel tutor, coach and mentor.

Excel Training Services Designed for Your Success:

Executive Excel Coaching

Executive Excel Coaching

My executive coaching is customised to meet the unique needs of leaders. It focuses on empowering you with advanced Excel functionalities and strategic applications essential for top-tier management and informed decision-making.

Advanced Excel Training UK

Advanced Excel Training and Tutor

With modules prepared for online delivery, my training is designed to fit into the busy schedules of UK professionals. These sessions aim to elevate your proficiency in Excel, ensuring you become more effective and efficient in your role.

Personalised Excel Mentoring

Personalised Excel Mentoring

I offer mentoring that supports your continuous improvement and mastery of Excel, tailored to your career ambitions. This program addresses the specific challenges faced by professionals in the UK, promoting long-term success and growth.

Corporate Excel Training Solutions

Corporate Excel Training Solutions

For management teams, I design bespoke training programs that harness the power of advanced Excel training to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency, all within the unique business landscape of the UK.

Corporate Excel Training Solutions

Excel Consultancy: Problem Solving a single formula or a full system

Whether you need a single formula, one-off data analysis or a fully automated Excel system I can help you with this. I have provided over 750 organisations and individuals with Excel solutions on over 2000 Excel projects, across all departments, management levels and industries so can nearly always find a solution to suit your needs as a one-off, ad hoc problem solving or building fully automated business solutions.

Begin Your Journey Towards Excel Excellence

Expert Excel Tutoring, Coaching and Mentoring

Mastering Excel in today’s competitive business environment requires not just technical know-how but also the ability to apply these skills strategically. My approach focuses on delivering high-quality, targeted training that empowers you to use Excel in ways that directly benefit your professional role and your organisation’s goals.

Professionals who have engaged with my services have seen significant improvements in their data management, analysis capabilities, and decision-making processes, leading to enhanced career trajectories and business results.

Start with Advanced Excel Training Today

Practical, real world Excel Training and Problem Solving available now at your desk

Explore the services I offer to find the training program that aligns with your professional needs. Each program is crafted to provide practical, applicable skills that you can immediately implement, driving tangible improvements in your work.

Ready to elevate your Excel skills and achieve professional excellence? Contact me to schedule your personalized training session. Your journey to mastering Excel and securing a competitive edge in your professional field starts now.

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