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Hello and welcome! I’m delighted to share a bit about my journey and how I can help you achieve unparalleled proficiency in Excel. With a rich background spanning over two decades in Excel consulting and international management, my career has been dedicated to empowering UK professionals through advanced Excel training, coaching, and mentoring.

I’m Dr Peter Clayton (please just call me “Peter”) and with over 20 years of experience in Excel consulting and international management, having worked with more than 750 clients on over 2,000 projects in various industries, I am keen to share my knowledge and expertise. If your goal is to harness Excel for better strategic decision-making, improve business operations, or advance your career, you’ve come to the right place for your own personal Excel tutor, coach and mentor.

My Excel Journey

Excel Tutor UK

My adventure with Excel began in the early stages of my career when I quickly recognized the immense potential of this powerful tool in transforming business operations, strategic decision-making, and data analysis. After working in IT project management for Procter & Gamble I set up my own software company then trained Business Studies students in Excel at a local university. I then developed my Excel skills as a manager and consultant running international election operations for the United Nations and similar organisations round the world. I eventually chose to set up my Excel consultancy business for the last 17 years and have continued helping companies and their staff use Excel to improve their efficiency and profits through building Excel spreadsheets and training staff to build them themselves. I have personally trained and tutored hundreds of people to improve their own skills and careers.

Over the years, I have worked with more than 750 clients, contributing to over 2,000 projects across a broad spectrum of industries. This extensive experience has not only deepened my expertise in Excel but also allowed me to understand the diverse needs of professionals at different stages of their careers and within various sectors.

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My Approach to Excel Training

My philosophy towards Excel training is centred on personalization. I believe that each individual has unique needs and goals, which is why I tailor my coaching and mentoring to suit these specific requirements. Whether you are a senior executive seeking to refine your strategic analysis skills or a team looking to enhance operational efficiency, my training is designed to align with your objectives.

Executive Excel Coaching

Executive Excel Coaching

In my executive coaching sessions, I focus on the strategic applications of Excel, empowering leaders to make informed decisions and manage their teams more effectively. My executive coaching is customised to meet the unique needs of leaders. It focuses on empowering you with advanced Excel functionalities and strategic applications essential for top-tier management and informed decision-making.

Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel Training

My executive coaching is customised to meet the unique needs of leaders. It focuses on empowering you with advanced Excel functionalities and strategic applications essential for top-tier management and informed decision-making. The advanced training programs are crafted to elevate your Excel skills, covering everything from intermediate functions to complex data analysis techniques. These sessions are designed for online delivery, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for busy professionals.

Personalised Excel Mentoring

Personalised Excel Mentoring

My mentoring program is aimed at fostering long-term mastery of Excel. By understanding your career aspirations, I provide guidance and support tailored to help you overcome challenges and achieve your professional goals.

Executive Excel Coaching

Corporate Excel Training Solutions

Discover custom, high-impact Excel training solutions for your senior management teams, enhancing overall organisational efficiency through superior data management and analysis. I provide bespoke training programs for management teams, aimed at improving operational efficiency and decision-making through advanced Excel training, with a focus on the unique business landscape of the UK.

Ad hoc, one-off or long term Excel problem solving

Ad hoc, one-off or long term Excel problem solving and system building

Whether you’re grappling with a stubborn formula right away, need instant in-depth one-off data analysis, or need a comprehensive, fully automated Excel system, my Excel Consultancy service is designed to meet your needs. With experience spanning over 750 organizations and individuals across more than 2,000 Excel projects, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to solve virtually any Excel problem you might face.

Beyond Excel

My commitment to excellence extends beyond Excel training. As a senior manager with experience running large operations globally, I bring a wealth of knowledge on how to effectively apply Excel skills in real-world scenarios. This unique perspective allows me to offer advice and insights that are not only technically sound but also practically applicable, which is why my clients keep coming back to me.

Let’s Connect

I am excited about the opportunity to assist you on your journey to Excel mastery. If you’re ready to take your Excel skills to the next level and achieve your professional goals, I would love to hear from you.

Contact me to discuss how we can tailor a training, coaching, or mentoring program to suit your needs. Together, we can unlock your potential and set you on the path to success.

Thank you for considering me as your partner in Excel mastery. Let’s embark on this journey together.

My CV and Experience:

Qualified and Experienced Excel consultant & Excel Trainer:

  • 22 years experience creating complex Excel spreadsheets and applications as a Excel Consultant but also as a senior manager and consultant running complex international operations. As an “Excel trainer near me” – I have delivered Excel training to many organisations in person and remotely but specialise in bespoke excel training courses at medium or advanced levels.
  • 22 years experience reducing workloads and even eliminating pointless jobs by simplifying and automating existing processes – reducing days of work to hours or minutes.
  • 2,000+ Excel projects completed for over 750 clients so far.
  • 28 years experience developing and maintaining databases and software including Procter & Gamble’s UK management information systems, statistical analysis for the EU, software for running international elections, and many small business applications.
  • 8 years experience creating Excel spreadsheets that run elections round the world including calculation of the results and correctly working out who won.
  • 3 years training future managers to use Excel in advanced level formulas at Sheffield Hallam University.
  • MS Office Expert qualification in Excel 2010.
  • MS Office Specialist (MOS) qualification in Excel 2007.
  • PhD and First class BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nottingham University.
  • Distinction at MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Sheffield University; a triple accredited university. Valedictorian of MBA class, winning several awards.
  • Diploma Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute.
  • “PRINCE2” Practitioner Project Management training and certificate.
  • “MSP” Practitioner Programme Management training and certificate.

Professional accreditation and membership:

Excel Specialist UK
Excel Expert UK
Excel Coach UK
Excel Instructor UK
Excel Consultant UK
Fellow of the
Institute of Consulting
Excel Consulting UK
Fellow of the
Chartered Management
Excel Training UK
Member of the
Federation of Small


Professional & Consultancy Experience

  • Managing Director of Infinite Innovations Ltd since 1997; an IT consultancy, website hosting and software development company.
  • Excel consultant to major companies such as Chelsea Football Club, Siemens, Aldi, JD Sports, Heineken Group, Yorkshire Water and Department of Transport. Click for previous client list and testimonials.
  • Business Improvement Team adviser with Plusnet internet provider focused on customer engagement and call centre staff systems improvement.
  • Management consultant to the Nepal Election Commission and IT Project Management Adviser with the United Nations Mission in Nepal.
  • Senior Operations Officer for the International Organization for Migration, running the elections for Iraqi refugees in 14 countries round the world, and for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran.
  • Management consultant to the Iraqi Electoral Commission, based in Jordan.
  • Management consultant and budget consultant to the Afghan Electoral Commission, based in Kabul.
  • Lecturer and Trainer in Excel, Word and Email for Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Business Analyst for Procter & Gamble Ltd.
  • Voter List Project Developer for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe Mission in Kosovo – including a full analysis and correction of the entire UN Civil Registry and voter registration databases in Excel.
  • Statistical Expert for the European Union Election Observation Mission to Kenya.
  • Chief of IT Projects for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe Mission in Kosovo.
  • Author and owner of Brainstorming.co.uk website for free training and software for brainstorming, creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Owner of Excel Training School .com website for live one-to-one Excel training.
  • Excel consultant to over 750 companies on over 2,000 Excel projects.

Selected Client List for Excel Training, Consultancy and previous employers

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